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Acupuncture and IVF

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Stress release and Pain management

  • Acupuncture increase IVF success rate to 50%
  • Acupuncture 1 month before IVF
  • The day before IVF
  • Acupuncture after IVF
  • Acupuncture, premenopause and IVF
  • Traditional Chinese Herbs and IVF
  • Decreased ovarian function and IVF

Acupuncture For Weight Loss

New Patients

We are locate in Cuesta Park Medical Center next to El Camino Hospital. There are ample parking space available. All new patients please come 15 min early to fill out the intake form.


2204 Grant Rd Ste 105 Mountain View, CA94040, United States

(650) 450-8297


We accept most public and private insurance plans. We also offer special pricing for cash-paying patients.

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Office Hours (Appointment only)

Monday to Thursday: 11:30am - 2:30 pm. Friday: 9am to 12pm   

Saturday: 9:00am - 1:00 pm.

Sunday: Closed

Menopause, peri-menopause, Menstrual irregularity, Fertility,Prenatal and Postpartum 

  • Auto/Work Injuries
  • Post surgery recovery and GI Conditions
  • Sinusitis, Asthma, seasonal allergies
  • Migraine, Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression, Fatigue
  • Cancer Support

ACU FAMILY CARE has been wonderful in helping me with my diabetic conditions. My blood sugar stabilized, the nutritional consultation is very useful for me to shop food. The herb tea is part of my daily routine now. I am happier than ever. 

                                                    John Huang, San Jose CA

We now offer acupuncture for weight loss. Scared of needle? Try out our no needle ear seed. Stress out? Hormonal imbalance? We can help! Our effective approach include ear seed, no pain acupuncture, or acupuncture and ear seed combination.  

Acupuncture for fertility is our specialty.

ACU Family Care Clinic in Mountain View